En-route Infinite Miles…..

The term “Railfanning” has a very simple meaning. It means the love and passion possessed by that person for having or even collecting valuable information, data’s, videos, pictures and files all related to trains and rolling stock. 


This hobby has been an integral part of life ever since my childhood. Today, I cherish myself on being a railfan for so many years. Till I got my PC in the year 2011, railfanning for me was as little as collecting timetables and occasional pictures from newspapers. Today, thanks to the presence of internet and social media, the hobby has transformed itself in to a new face. Today, I get to interact with many fellow railfans across my country and even cross continents and get to share many facts and figures about their railway services and journeys. 

Talking on my interests as a traveler, which has been yet another motivating strength all these years of my life. Traveling is one passion which can be enjoyed in a group or by single peace seeking soul. The things an individual can learn while traveling and the experiences he can dish out after each one of his trips is inestimable.


I will be sharing with you all my traveling experiences and railfanning trip experiences just the way I have felt over the years. I once again welcome you to my world of happiness and fun.

Adios friends… Tune into my blog soon for my next post..



4 thoughts on “En-route Infinite Miles…..

  1. Hey, thanks for the comment you left; I appreciate the feedback. Got a question for you: Is there a way to view your “My Camerawork” slideshow in a larger format?

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